Overcome the Overwhelm &
Avoid the Six Biggest Mistakes

Insights from Personal Divorce Coaches


A Gift from the Authors:

To all those going through divorce, this book is our gift to you. If we help just one person avoid one of the biggest mistakes, it will have been worth it to us to write this book. Unwrap your gift.

Pegotty and Randall Cooper

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Divorce can overwhelm your life.

Divorce decisions can result in serious mistakes with long-term consequences.

  • Are you a man or woman just starting the divorce process? 
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed by the enormity of the task ahead?
  • Are you afraid of making a mistake that may take years to recover from?
  • Maybe you have a good friend going through divorce and you feel ill equipped to really help them out; or
  • You have a colleague at work who is suffering as a result of divorce; or
  • You have a family member who seems to be unable to get out of their overwhelm and move forward; or
  • You are a coach who wants to support your client through this divorce process and help them be in the best possible position for starting the next chapter.

The overwhelming nature of divorce leads to six potentially catastrophic mistakes resulting in major legal, financial, and other wrong turns.

  • Forgetting who the decision makers are,
  • Taking a “my way or the highway” approach to negotiation,
  • Limiting your resources to only your attorney,
  • Throwing in the towel,
  • Betting the farm on another relationship, and
  • Wanting guarantees and certainty.


This book will help you change how you experience divorce.

The authors present a solid approach—one they have been using successfully for ten years—to help you take charge of your divorce. Read this book, do the exercises,
and you will …

  • Avoid the six biggest mistakes people make in divorce.
  • Learn ways to become more empowered in your decision making.
  • Discover tools to face your divorce with courage and dignity.
  • Understand when to seek outside support.
  • Move from feeling overwhelmed to feeling confident and in control.

Praise for
Divorce: Overcome the Overwhelm and Avoid the Six Biggest Mistakes

“This book offers a step-by-step process to confront divorce and take the necessary actions for a healthy divorce. Use this book and you will reduce the amount of time, money and emotion you expend on your divorce by no less than fifty percent. The questions at the end of each chapter offer many insights. This book can be used as a vehicle when going through divorce and also as a reflection and completion of anything unresolved as a result of the divorce. Bravo.”

Debbie Schwarz
Judicial Assistant
Family Court Division of State of Florida

“Pegotty and Randy Cooper provide a practical set of tools readers can use to assess exactly where they are in the divorce process, where they want to wind up, and how to get there in an efficient, empowered and ethical manner.”

David C. Barry, J.D., L.S.W.

Certified Divorce Coach® and Mediator

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