Overcome the Overwhelm &
Avoid the Six Biggest Mistakes

Insights from Personal Divorce Coaches


Praise for
Divorce: Overcome the Overwhelm and Avoid the Six Biggest Mistakes –
Insights from Personal Divorce Coaches

“I absolutely love what Pegotty and Randall Cooper have to say in this book.
I have done so much research and writing on issues pertaining to lawyer limitations, particularly when it comes to matters involving families. Lawyers serve a necessary and useful purpose in family law matters and for society as a whole. For one thing, they warn of unforeseen ‘what- ifs.’ Furthermore, words have meaning and the difference between ‘may’ and ‘shall’ could substantially change the meaning of a provision. Lawyers are wordsmiths in that regard. Moreover, divorce is a legal process.
Through working with qualified personal Divorce Coaches and other such professionals, lawyers’ limitations can be overcome. In putting together the right ‘team,’ divorcing couples can obtain better results at a lower overall cost. In this book, the Coopers help to explain how the ‘game of divorce’ should be designed to improve the odds of a successful outcome in the grand scheme of life.”

Mark B. Baer, Esq.
Family Law Attorney/Mediator/Collaborative Law Practitioner

“This book offers a step-by-step process to confront divorce and take the necessary actions for a healthy divorce. Use this book and you will reduce the amount of time, money and emotion you expend on your divorce by no less than fifty percent. The questions at the end of each chapter offer many insights. This book can be used as a vehicle when going through divorce and also as a reflection and completion of anything unresolved as a result of the divorce. Bravo.”

Debbie Schwarz
Judicial Assistant
Family Court Division of State of Florida

“This workbook will help you take charge of your divorce and ensure that you avoid the six most common mistakes. The authors provide easy-to-use problem solving tools and thoughtful exercises to help you rein in the emotions surrounding your divorce, and plan for the business side of the process. I applaud Pegotty and Randy for developing this workbook to help people during each stage of their divorce.”

Laura Woodard
President, GrassRoots Marketing Group, Inc.

“Pegotty and Randy Cooper provide a practical set of tools readers can use to assess exactly where they are in the divorce process, where they want to wind up, and how to get there in an efficient, empowered and ethical manner.”

David C. Barry, J.D., L.S.W.
Certified Divorce Coach® and Mediator

“As a person who’s gone through the divorce process, I understand the pain, overwhelm, confusion, and guilt that accompany the breakup of a family. Seeking guidance of trained professionals to facilitate healing is important, and Pegotty and Randall provide healthy and positive support in this book. Each chapter provides an overview of a mistake, insights about each problem, and then helps you develop clarity and a course of action before taking your next steps. The workbook format is especially helpful because it offers an opportunity for you to learn and grow as you reflect and write.

People make many mistakes during divorce, and Pegotty and Randall effectively focus on the most important ones to avoid, and then help you adopt new perspectives for a healthier divorce and a happier future. I recommend this book for anyone who feels overwhelmed by divorce.”

Kim Clausen
Denver, CO

“A much-needed gem! Laid out in an easy-to-follow format—that takes much of the hassle out of sorting through the inevitable “gunk” of a divorce—this book will evolutionize how people experience and successfully navigate all the potential traps and pitfalls of their divorce. The authors help you confidently put your divorce in the very best hands—YOURS!”

Laurie Cameron
Master Certified Relationship Coach, Mentor Coach
Author of The Journey from Fear to Love

“Pegotty and Randall encourage readers to embrace their feelings and be their best selves in the face of divorce. Using this book and the process provided by these trusted coaches will help you maintain your power and dignity as you navigate the overwhelm of divorce.”

Carla Higgins
Divorced mother of three young daughters

“Divorce can be the biggest emotional upheaval we face in a lifetime. This book reminds us to think about long-term personal goals and consider what we want to accomplish after our divorce so we can stay focused on these goals during our divorce.”

Sue Lehman

Oakland, CA

“When I read a preview copy of this book, I found myself wishing I’d had access to this information—and a personal Divorce Coach—when I experienced divorce many years ago. A personal Divorce Coach would have encouraged me to carefully examine my choices, and perhaps I would never have given up the alimony and child support I needed and deserved. Because I was emotionally drained, I listened to my attorney, and now I realize he wasn’t working in my best interest. It’s all water under a long ago bridge, but it was a costly experience.
For those who are facing divorce today, this book is a good start to coaching yourself and finding your own wisdom. Pegotty and Randall bring their extensive experience and genuine hearts to this topic. I recommend their work and this book without reservation.”

Lorraine Lane
Business Coach and Author of Business-Building Referrals

“The authors of this book, personal Divorce Coaches, provide you with perspective on what to do—and what not to do—when navigating the journey of divorce. They offer you a roadmap with hazard warnings to keep you on track.”

Wendy Ellen Coughlin, Ph.D.
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Supreme Court of Florida Certified Family Mediator & Parenting Coordinator