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Divorce: Overcome the Overwhelm and Avoid the Six Biggest Mistakes
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If you are a coach attracting people going through divorce, we have just developed a ready-to-use coaching program which brings the power of coaching to the overwhelm of divorce.

I know what it is like to coach individuals who are divorcing because I have been doing it for over 10 years. I have often felt like a deer in the headlights because the person sitting in front of me has a long list of concerns and issues to deal with. It is easy to get overwhelmed yourself. And with this program you can develop the same confidence you have in coaching other clients and become an effective coach in working with divorcing individuals.

That is why we developed this program that uses our recently published book Divorce: Overcome the Overwhelm and Avoid the Six Biggest Mistakes in Divorce as the foundation for working with your client. While your client is working through the self-reflection questions in each chapter of the book, our Coaching Guide expands your ability to work with the clients more effectively and with less stress for you! By getting a better understanding of the source of overwhelm and the context for the six mistakes divorcing individuals make, you will be able to help them through all of the phases on their divorce – not just the post divorce recovery.

Your clients pay for the consequences of the mistakes in many ways which can cripple their future. And these mistakes are at the root of most of the other mistakes people make during the divorce process. Coaching can bring the transformation of coaching to their thinking and ability to make better decisions. You can help them through these rough spots and in many cases help them save money as well.

We provide you with training you need to use the coaching model and to be able to coach your clients to get results from their actions. The program is 6 weeks long, via webinar on Wednesdays from 8 – 9:30 pm ET. We include a Coaching Guide, 6 books which you can use for your clients or as giveaways at presentations you make to promote your program, and support by email following the program for your difficult coaching situations. You can offer this for one-on-one coaching or for group coaching.

Join us today for the program which starts Wednesday, July 23rd at this special introductory rate of $297. This was being offered through July 4 but our webmaster has gone on vacation so it will only last until she returns on Wednesday and changes the price to $397! Register on the website:

The six biggest mistakes people make in divorce are easily avoided by having a thinking partner and sounding board like you. This program provides you the ability to bring the transformation of coaching to the rough spots people experience in their divorce and in their post-divorce transition.

Looking forward to seeing you in the training which starts July 23!

Pegotty Cooper

This program will also help you work with other clients who, even though they are not divorcing, find themselves overwhelmed or stuck or repeatedly making decisions which don’t get the result they want. Many clients struggle in ways that exhaust both them and their resources. Through the framework for coaching and the exercises we provide in the Coaching Guide, you will help them to keep going, not throw in the towel and make better decisions.